RMS Health Advisors provides a range of marketing services, training, and cost-saving strategies for healthcare clients.

AI Marketing Training

Revamp your marketing for the AI future.

Training for your team to use AI tools to be more efficient and effective in their marketing.

  • Free up time and mental bandwidth without compromising on quality

  • Assessments to see where AI tools can make the biggest difference

  • Skill building with Large Language Models like ChatGPT

  • One-on-one coaching for marketing professionals and healthcare leaders

  • Support and integration to ensure continuous improvement

Content Marketing

Quality content marketing consulting that supports your business goals.

RMS Health Advisors provides healthcare clients with efficient and effective content marketing that:

  • Supports growth and expansion into new markets

  • Helps clinical recruiting teams connect with candidates

  • Positions healthcare companies in important search rankings

  • Increases visibility to attract new patients and customers

Marketing Strategy

A trusted, outsourced strategic marketing advisory.

RMS Health Advisors helps healthcare organizations get the most possible impact out of their marketing investment:

  • Allocate your advertising spend

  • Provide content roadmaps specific to your business goals

  • Recommendations and content for every platform and medium

  • Guidance on scaling a new marketing department

Ghostwriting for Leadership

Showcase the thought leadership of your physicians and executives.

RMS Health Advisors provides ghostwriting services for healthcare executives that cut through the noise and add genuinely new ideas to the market.

  • Industry expertise trusted by C-suite healthcare executives for more than a decade

  • Extend the reach and voice of your best leaders

  • Earn media placements and strengthen your brand